Tradeshow Bootcamp

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As a reminder, our next Tradeshow Webinars will be offered this Fall!  We'll announce the details to our mailing list first!  For now, enjoy our Business Webinars!

TSBC 2014 Business Webinars

sponsored by our friends at MailChimp


Email Marketing

Allyson Van Houten, MailChimp


Retailer Roundtable

Samantha Finigan, Gus & Ruby

Heather Haynie, Rock Paper Scissors

Julie O'Brien, Sweet Paper


Instagram:  Intentionally Grow your Followers

Laura Leader

Alyssa Law, Laura Hooper calligraphy


Growing Your Team + Business

Lisa Krowinski, Sapling Press


Preparing for Craft Shows

Samantha Barksy, Noteify

Tilney Fitzpatrick, Man vs George


Ecommerce: PIcking a shopping cart

John Arquette, Delphine

erika firm, delphine

Katie Hunt, Kelp Designs